MANUAL – Repair vs. Recondition

Unlike an automatic gearbox, a manual gearbox can be repaired as opposed to reconditioned. For example, if there is a grating into 3rd gear, we can perform a repair on the 3rd gear only, which will be much cheaper than reconditioning the entire gearbox. The 3rd gear, 3rd gear syncro, 3rd gear sliding sleeve & 3rd cluster gear need to be replaced. Let’s look at this…

Do you notice any differences between gears 1 – 5 & the reverse gear?

You will notice that gears 1 – 5 have angled teeth and the reverse gear has a straight cut gear. The gears are angled to reduce the noise they create at higher rotational speeds. This is why all vehicles make a whining noise in reverse. Please do not try to test this at high speeds in reverse.