Gearbox Components – Manual vs. Automatic

A manual gearbox is made up of 4 main components, Namely:

–         The Clutch – When the clutch is pressed in, the engine and gearbox are disconnected from one another and when the clutch is released the engine is reconnected to the gearbox. When the clutch is pressed in the driver is able to change from one gear to another. ie Neutral.

–         The Mechanical Gearbox – The mechanical gearbox contains all of the different size gears which in turn give you different gear ratios and speed capabilities. The driver changes gears with a Gear-Lever. This is all shown in the picture below.

–         The Driver & The Gear-Lever – In a vehicle with a manual gearbox, the driver needs to calculate the necessary gear and manually change the gearbox into the required gear by shifting the gear-lever.

The 4 main components of a Manual Gearbox are:

–         Clutch

–         Mechanical Gearbox

–         Gear-Lever

–         Driver

Now that we have discussed a manual gearbox let’s compare it to the components of an Automatic Gearbox:

Manual Automatic
Clutch Torque Converter
Mechanical Gearbox (Gears) Mechanical Gearbox (Clutches)
Gear-Lever Valve Body
Driver Transmission Computer (TCM)